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Attracting high value customers and developing effective marketing programs to help drive business and maintain loyalty are ongoing challenges for retail marketers. Marketers need to be able to find more customers like their most loyal and to more efficiently market to them across multiple channels in a manner that takes into account consumers’ shopping interests and estimated ability to spend on various products and services.



·         Reach high potential consumers that are more likely to have the desired financial capacity to purchase your merchandise and the propensity for your brand, products, and services

·         Enhance segmentation efforts, CRM systems, and predictive models to better optimize shopper profiles using estimated consumer income and buying capacity as a key element

·         Inform communications and advertising strategies for loyalty programs, new store openings, and special offers

·         Solutions developed for marketing activities that do not include a firm offer of credit


Some of the solutions are:


Powered by machine learning – App based mystery shopping program that is used to increase retailer recommendations in outlets (Rural and Urban markets)

To incentivize retailers to push for our brand/specific brand information to target brand consumers.


                                              USE CASES

                           NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

Mystery shopper asks for competition brand and retailers/salesmen needs to recommend our brand to win rewards.                  

                                 PRICE CONTROL

Mystery shopper asks about price of product and retailer needs to give “right” price info.

                        MARKETING CAMPAIGN LAUNCH

Mystery shopper enquires about campaign looking at poster and retailer needs to give info about campaign.

                    BRAND EXCLUSIVITY CHECK

Mystery shopper asks for competition brand that we want retailer not to keep at his shop. Retailer gets rewarded if he says that he doesn’t have it.

                         RETAIL OFFTAKE TRACKING

Weekly short tracking of stock available at shops and matching it with sales figures to calculate outlet wise offtake.

                           PRODUCT FEEDBACK

How do retailers rate your product and packaging vise versa response from consumers.



Image Recognition Technology based shelf audit solution.

It tells:

·        Brands that are visible/not visible on shelf.

·        How many units of each brand are visible on each shelf.

·        Planogram compliance.


                                       USE CASES

                                BRAND FACING

                           PLANOGRAM INTEGRITY

                          COUNT OF BRAND FACINGS

Counting of units of specific brand on a particular shelf.


Proper feedback is obtained about the brand’s visibility at the retail shop.



Machine leaning driven app based SAAS solutions which fully automates the services of retail outlets as well as sentiment mapping of retailers.

Digitize your entire retail network through our “retail connect” platform.

Our merchandisers and salesmen use this app to report and manage stock cash as well as POSM.


                                                    USE CASES

                                            SENTIMENT MAPPING

Map the movement of sentiment of retailers through our machine learning tool over a period of time and correlate with investment and sale.

                                       VISIBILITY MONITORING

Ensure branding at all outlets as per guidelines.


Sales v/s sentiment v/s investment

                                         CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT

Capture consumer data and generate sales leads and consumer pull through targeted programs.